Page Builder Video Tutorials

The Interface

New to Visual Composer Page Builder? Learn how to navigate across the Visual Composer interface on your iCreate site

Create a Page

Learn how to start building a page from scratch or by using the predefined templates.

Drag and Drop Explained

Use the Intuitive drag and drop functionality in order to quickly change your layout or re-order elements.

Predefined Element Styles

Each elements already has lots of predefined element styles. You can also create your own. Create, reuse and change the default settings of all elements with Element Presets controls. Create easy to add templates for the most used elements.

Clone Elements

Clone/Duplicate/Copy elements or set of elements.

Add Rows and Columns

How to create a row and divide it into columns.

Add and Edit Text

Add and edit text by using the WYSIWYG editor.

Add and Edit Images

Add images, edit size, add links and add CSS animations.

Image Gallery

Add and edit an image gallery.

Image Filters

Add 20+ pro looking image filters to your images.

Image Source Controls

Learn how to control image source of Single Image and Image Gallery. Load images from Media Library, External link or use Featured image.

Create and Reuse Templates

Create content block or layout and save them as templates for reuse.

Inner Row Structure

Insert inner row into columns in order to create advanced layouts and have additional design options.

Custom Heading Element with Google Fonts

Create a good looking headings with most popular Google Fonts.

Create Tabs, Tours and Accordions

Work with advanced elements like tabs, accordions and tours.

Add Background Color or Image

Add image or color background to Visual Composer rows, columns or any other elements.

Full Width Row – Row Stretch

Create a full width row, stretch the row background and/or content with or without padding.

Full Height Row and Video Background

Convert a simple row into a full height section and add a YouTube video background.

Parallax Background Effect for Row

Add a parallax background to any row.

Frontend Editor Guide Modes

Switch between guide modes in order to experience even better inline editing.

Collapsible Row in Backend Editor

Minimize and expand rows for a better layout overview.

Edit Page and Post Titles
Create Empty Space with Custom Height
How to Edit Your Site Look with the Design Options

Learn how to change paddings, borders, margins and background styles.

Add a Custom CSS class to Specific Elements

Custom CSS in WordPress Page

Add custom CSS to a page, post or custom posts.

Check Responsive Design

Switch between different devices in order to ensure the quality of your responsive design.

Responsive Controls for Width and Offset

Use the responsive controls for managing the width and offsets.

Responsive Control for Devices

Design responsive layouts and control elements on different devices.

Grid Builder Item Templates

Use the Grid Builder to modify an existing grid template or create a new grid item template.

Post and Custom Posts Type Grid

Create a Post and Custom Posts Type Grid.

Media and Masonry Media Grid

Create Media or Masonry Media Grids with your uploaded images.